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Contingency Exercises

For shore or shipboard management in compliance with the ISM code

The purpose of our Contingency Exercises is to train and evaluate the shore or shipboard management with respect to leadership, internal and external communication, handling of information as well as relevant knowledge of dealing with crisis situations such as: collision, evacuation of passengers, personal injury and death, oil spill, salvage, media and next of kin, significant authorities, classification, H&M, P&I and opponents etc.

Marine Profile develops, in cooperation with the client, a suitable and realistic exercise scenario. The scenario is based upon the extent of the exercise, i.e. is the primary goal to train the shore or shipboard management? Should a real ship be involved or will a "desktop exercise" be sufficient? Are we talking about a cruise ship or a ULCC? There are a number of parameters to settle before the right frame-work can be determined.

When this is done, Marine Profile works out the scenario details and prepares all internal and external parties for the exercise.

Marine Profile also provides market-oriented expertise for conducting and monitoring the Contingency Exercise.

After completion of the exercise, oral personal feedback on technical and human resource aspects will be given to the management/participants, followed by a comprehensive written report, including suggestions for possible organizational or other improvements/changes.

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