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Marine Profile Assessment System

Marine Profile Assessment System consists of four different psychological tests: the Masterline Marine, MasterMap Personality Inventory, the Stress Coping Test and MasterMatrix. Contact us for more information.

Masterline Marine is based on Lazarus theory of perception, and sheds light on how a person processes and makes sense of new information. With this understanding of a person, one can predict certain behaviours as well as identify personal development and growth areas. This tool is especially useful to target senior level management where in-depth knowledge of an employee can be invaluable. Use it in combination with MasterMatrix or/and Stress Coping Test.

MasterMap Personality Inventory is based on the Big Five theory of personality which describes a person from five distinct domains. This tool includes the following domains: Sociability, Service, Conscientiousness, Energy and Stability. It also describes what kind of work-style and approach can be expected. It is designed for screening where comparison between candidates is necessary. The target should be “ratings” and up to senior positions, deck/engine as well as service-entry-level positions. Use it in combination with MasterMatrix or/and Stress Coping Test.

The Stress Coping Test measures the capacity to resist and cope with stress. It is developed to identify emotionally instable individuals and predict job success in occupations associated with high levels of stress. The target should be positions on all levels that require a certain amount of stress resistance. All results are carefully reviewed by a maritime psychologist before being returned to the client.

MasterMatrix is a capacity test which measures general intelligence (g-factor). This is an aspect which has a very strong connection with job performance in general. It is non-verbal and uses figures to determine logical reasoning, spatial ability and general problem-solving capability. The target should be all positions on all levels. Recommended to be used in combination with a personality tool.

Can be used around the world
All tests are web-based and accessible through our Client Portal. Shipowner’s or manning companies’ offices anywhere around the world can administer and access the results of a candidates result.
Four reasons to choose the Marine Profile Assessment System
- To provide HR officers with professional and scientifically validated selection tools
- To identify and avoid hiring low performers
- To identify applicants who are prone to making stress-related human errors
- To learn more about applicants’ capacities and potentials for developmental purposes

Subscription and training
- Subscriptions are offered to shipowners, either for each tool individually or all together. Subscriptions are on a yearly basis.
- Marine Profile provides training for HR officers in how to use and analyse Masterline Marine and MasterMap Personality Inventory reports. Completed Stress Coping tests and MasterMatrix are carefully analysed by a maritime psychologist at Marine Profile before being returned to designated HR officers.



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