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Step into a unique realm where psychology and the maritime industry converge. Our distinctive positioning within this niche sector sets us apart. If you’re fascinated by the world of maritime operations and are passionate about the safety of those working in this field, we invite you to connect with us. Explore the opportunities we offer below and join us on our mission to enhance safety, leadership and performance in the maritime industry.

Open Positions

Licensed Psychologist


Marine Profile Sweden

Marine Profile works in one of the world’s most dynamic industries, international shipping, with selection in recruitment, leadership development, crisis management, training, and more. We have been around since 1994 and are world leaders in our field. Our customers are located in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, in the USA and in Asia. These companies own or operate everything from offshore platforms to tankers and cruise ships. About two thirds of the international cruise fleet are customers of ours. Currently, we are three maritime psychologists, a master mariner who is also the CEO and an administrative manager. The head office is located in Halmstad, Sweden.

Work Description  

At Marine Profile, you get the privilege of working with leading international players in shipping as well as the opportunity to travel, mostly within Europe. Among other things, we work with selection and safety assessments of merchant marine officers, but also shore staff. The main focus of the role we are now looking for will be personality and health assessments as well as selection, leadership development and training. If you also have other skills and interests, you can expect that there will be great opportunity to develop our range of services and methods.

We expect that you as a psychologist do not know much about the international shipping industry and we will give you an introduction at the beginning of the employment, in addition,  a so-called “marinating” which means that you will get out to sea, on some of our customer’s ships, to study what it is like to work on board, i.e. learning the ropes.



You have a background as an organizational consultant or self-employed psychologist with experience and knowledge to work with individuals and groups and are used to and feel at home in the consulting role. Experience of therapeutic work from psychiatry or primary care are considered an additional qualification. It is also meritorious with education or experience in group development, crisis management, supervision and coaching. Interest and experience in lecturing and holding courses are highly valued. We prefer that you live near Halmstad.

Since the work is largely international, you must be able to work, interview and educate in English alongside the Swedish language. Additional language skills, of course, are not a disadvantage.



The  position  is a full-time, permanent position. Sub-consultant employment is not relevant at present.

Your application documents with CV can be sent by email to If you want to know more about the job, you are welcome to contact maritime psychologist Martin Hedman, or phone +46 – (0)70 698 0416.