By combining extensive expertise in both the maritime sector and psychology, we have developed effective techniquest for supporting and developing tomorrow’s leaders in the maritime industry.

 Executive Coaching

Lead Forward

Marine Profile Lead Forward is a method of leadership development that focuses on looking forward rather than feedback on past behaviors.

The method is based on a structured feedback analysis that gives managers and leaders a clear and current snapshot of how employees perceive their leadership style.

Following this analysis, the leader works with a Maritime Psychologist to draw an action plan based on identified areas for development and build a strategy moving forward.

It is suitable for Senior Officers on board as well as office management and directors.


Receive feedback from subordinates using the online survey tool.

Action Plan

Draw up an of Action Plan together with the Psychologist.


Up to 8 sessions with a psychologist, in order to follow up on and adjust exercises. All interventions are based on the individual action plan.

Follow-Up &

Evaluation on progress and outcome.

Beind the Method

The leadership model on which Marine Profile LEAD FORWARD is based on is called the Full Range Leadership Model 

The Full Range Leadership Model describes a wide range of leadership behaviours, and addresses both constructive and non-constructive leadership styles. There are three categories of leadership behavior identified in this model:

Management by Exception

Management by Exception refers to behaviors that focus on dealing with deviations from desirable behaviors, achievements and results.

Contingent Reward Leadership

Contingent Reward Leadership refers to the behaviors that aim to clarify for employees what is expected of them, as well as what they can expect in return.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership refers to behaviors aimed at developing employees and creating the right conditions for increased motivation and wellbeing. It includes acting as a good role model, linking daily activities to meaningful goals and visions, and proactively stimulating innovation. It encourages leaders to dare to challenge the existing way of doing things, to really get to know and coach their employees and to generally be positive and supportive.

 Training & Workshops

Tailored Programmes

Our programmes cover a wide range of topics, including Leadership Development, Crisis Management, Communication Training, Mental Health and more. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and objectives, and each programme is therefore designed differently. Please contact us to find out more.


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